phpMyFAQ 2.7.0-alpha Released!

The phpMyFAQ Team would like to announce the availability of the first preview release of our next major version, phpMyFAQ 2.7.0-alpha, the “Robert Anton Wilson” release. With this release we changed the PHP requirement to PHP 5.2.3 and dropped to support for MySQL 4.1 as database backend and for Internet Explorer 6 as supported browser. We added a completely new HTML5 powered default layout and administration backend, a configurable search relevance functionality and automatic translations with the Google Translate API. We added Twitter support, Facebook Like Buttons and support for “Bookmark on Delicious” support. All comment functionality is now based on Ajax and we added an attachment administration frontend, basic authentication support for LDAP groups and basic support for HTML5 microdata. Gzip compression is now enabled by default and we updated the bundled jQuery to version 1.4.4. Do not use this version in production systems, but test this version and report bugs!