phpMyFAQ 2.9.0-alpha2 Released!

The phpMyFAQ Team is pleased to announce the first preview version of the next major version ofphpMyFAQ, phpMyFAQ 2.9.0-alpha2, the “Je suis Charlie” release. This release adds experimental support for the upcoming PHP 7 and for HHVM 3.4.2+. We added the possibility for inactive, hidden categories, to disable registration and we added a tag management frontend. We added a control for meta robots handling, a configuration for auto-activation of new users and finally support for SMTP. We upgraded the bundled libraries to Symfony ClassLoader 2.6.3, jQuery 1.11.2, Bootstrap 3.3.2, FontAwesome 4.3.0, Modernizr 2.8.3, TinyMCE 4.1.7 and SwiftMailer 5.3.1. Please note that some functionality is still missing and don’t use this version in production systems, but test this version and please report bugs!