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Status update for phpMyFAQ 2.5.6 / 2.6.0-RC

We’re in the final stage of fixing the last bugs we found during testing the beta version of phpMyFAQ 2.6. As the current state is already quite stable the next version will be already our release candidate. If everything works well the final release can be out around christmas. Beside stabilizing the 2.6 version we’re still supporting the 2.5 branch some time. We also have some plans for 2.7. :-)

Status update for phpMyFAQ 2.5.3 / 2.6.0-alpha

The first 10 days after the switch from SVN to git were full of bugfixes and some new features. David Soria Parra fixed some SQLite issues, Anatoliy started the work for a new Pagination class, and I fixed some bugs in the 2.5 and master branch. I also re-added one missing feature: the internal FAQ link plugin in TinyMCE. The 2.5.3 release will be sometime in october, the 2.6.0-alpha release won’t happen before the end of the same month. The final 2.6 release won’t be in 2009…

Zend Debugger for Snow Leopard

Yesterday Zend released the Snow Leopard compatible 64 bit ZendDebugger binary. So I can debug again. :-)

imac:extensions thorsten$ file Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures (for architecture i386):Â Â  Â Mach-O bundle i386 (for architecture x86_64):Â Â  Â Mach-O 64-bit bundle x86_64

Status update for phpMyFAQ 2.5.3 / 2.6.0-alpha

We fixed a minor bug in the news section the last days after the 2.5.2 release. The interesting changes are currently in the trunk of phpMyFAQ. Anatoliy is working hard on the new attachment feature of phpMyFAQ 2.6. With the new classes it’s possible to encrypt attachments and safe the files in the filesystem or in the database. We also are working on a big change at our infrastucture: After 2 years we’ll migrate from SVN to git. We already have an account at github where a public repository will be hosted. And some colleagues implemented a nice working demo with a WebOS application as frontend for phpMyFAQ. More about this really cool stuff at the Mayflower blog.

Status update for phpMyFAQ 2.0.16 / 2.5.1 / 2.6.0-alpha

Today I received a great patch from Lars Scheithauer with some LDAP fixes and some great additions for our LDAP support. With Lars’ patch it’s now possible to authenticate against an Active Directory from Microsoft, using multiple domains in your Actice Directory, and he also added support for the PHP LDAP options. Thank you very much, Lars!

I added all these enhancements to phpMyFAQ 2.5.1 and 2.6.0-alpha. We also fixed some issues in all three supported branches. I think you can expect a release of 2.0.16 and 2.5.1 next week.

Status update for phpMyFAQ 2.6.0-alpha

We added three new features the last couple of days. Anatoliy added user adjustable template sets and styles so that you can use mulitple templates. The phpMyFAQ default template was moved from ./template to ./template/default/. Aurimas FiÅ¡eras from Lithuania wrote support for TinyMCE translations, thank you very much! Myself added support for multi-language news… funny thing, this was already prepared since phpMyFAQ 2.0 but we forgot to implement it… More new features will be added the next two months, so stay tuned!

phpMyFAQ and PHP 5.3

If everything works fine PHP 5.3 will be released at the end of this month. PHP 5.3 will be a big step further after the 5.2 release more than two years ago. The phpMyFAQ team did some testing with the last release candidates of PHP 5.3 and already fixed some issues we found. phpMyFAQ 2.0.15 and the upcoming phpMyFAQ 2.5.0-RC will run without any problems on PHP 5.3.