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phpMyFAQ – the 2012 retrospective

2012 was an interesting year for phpMyFAQ, the second time since our beginnings back in 2001 we didn’t released a major new version. We did that once back in 2008 when we were working on phpMyFAQ 2.5 with the switch to PHP 5.2 as basic requirement. The year 2012 was very similiar, we put a lot of efforts in our backend, we refactored a lot of code, we moved the requirement to PHP 5.3 and we removed some singleton patterns. Especially the removal of the configuration singleton caused a lot of work but it’s working very good now. Another interesting move was the switch from our own classloader to the Symfony 2 classloader and the switch to Composer for some external package we use.

We released seven versions of phpMyFAQ 2.7 and 4 previews of the upcoming next major version, phpMyFAQ 2.8. The stable 2.7 series will get some bugfix releases the first half of 2013 and will be out of support three months after the release of phpMyFAQ 2.8, which hopefully will happen in the first or second quarter of 2013. In 2012, we had more than 60,000 downloads of phpMyFAQ, which is really amazing. Thank you very much!

So, what will happen in 2013? We will release phpMyFAQ 2.8 which will be really a great release with the new Bootstrap based GUI and some nice end-user features. After the 2.8 release we’ll start working on 2.9 which will be one of the first versions based on Symfony2 components. The transition to this will be a long and hard way but I think this will be the right direction. A lot of new open source releases like Drupal 8 or phpBB 4 will be based on Symfony 2, so expect a better integration of phpMyFAQ for other applications in the future.

Status update for phpMyFAQ 2.6.8, 2.7.0-alpha and 3.0.0-dev

This week we branched the new 2.7 branch from the current stable 2.6 branch. 2.7.0 will be the next major version of phpMyFAQ with a focus on a brand new user interface and some social improvements like better Facebook and Twitter integration. We changed the minimal PHP version for phpMyFAQ 2.7 to PHP 5.2.3. The current master branch was re-versioned to 3.0.0-dev and will need PHP 5.3, but it will take more than a year before you can see something here.

Zend Debugger for Snow Leopard

Yesterday Zend released the Snow Leopard compatible 64 bit ZendDebugger binary. So I can debug again. :-)

imac:extensions thorsten$ file ZendDebugger.so 
ZendDebugger.so: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures
ZendDebugger.so (for architecture i386):Â Â  Â Mach-O bundle i386
ZendDebugger.so (for architecture x86_64):Â Â  Â Mach-O 64-bit bundle x86_64

Installing PHP 5.3 with MacPorts

I’m using MacPorts on my iMac and my MacBook Pro for PHP development. Yesterday I mentioned that MacPorts switched their stable PHP 5 package from PHP 5.2.10 to PHP 5.3.0 and I decided to do the switch as well. Upgrading packages with MacPorts is very easy, it’s just a

imac:~ thorsten$ sudo port upgrade outdated

Just hit enter and MacPorts starts to build all packages which have to be updated. My problem was that PHP 5.3.0 didn’t installed automatically:

Error: Target org.macports.activate returned: Image error:
/opt/local/include/php/ext/ereg/php_ereg.h already exists and
does not belong to a registered port.  Unable to activate port php5.

So I tried to uninstall the PHP 5 package and re-install it once again. But also the same problem the second time. So I decided to do the hard way and I removed all the PHP library stuff.

imac:~ thorsten$ rm -rf /opt/local/include/php
imac:~ thorsten$ rm -rf /opt/local/include/php

Now I tried it once again:

imac:lib thorsten$ sudo port install php5 +apache2 +macosx +mysql5 +pear +postgresql83 +sqlite
--->Â  Installing php5 @5.3.0_0+apache2+macosx+mysql5+pear+postgresql83+sqlite
--->Â  Activating php5 @5.3.0_0+apache2+macosx+mysql5+pear+postgresql83+sqlite
You may need to update your php.ini for any changes that have been made
in this version of php. Compare /opt/local/etc/php5/php.ini with
/opt/local/etc/php5/php.ini-development (if this is a development server) or
/opt/local/etc/php5/php.ini-production (if this is a production server).

If this is your first install, you need to activate PHP in your web server.

To enable PHP in Apache, run
 cd /opt/local/apache2/modules
 /opt/local/apache2/bin/apxs -a -e -n "php5" libphp5.so
--->Â  Cleaning php5

Then I restarted Apache… and PHP 5.3.0 is running on my iMac! :-)

phpMyFAQ and PHP 5.3

If everything works fine PHP 5.3 will be released at the end of this month. PHP 5.3 will be a big step further after the 5.2 release more than two years ago. The phpMyFAQ team did some testing with the last release candidates of PHP 5.3 and already fixed some issues we found. phpMyFAQ 2.0.15 and the upcoming phpMyFAQ 2.5.0-RC will run without any problems on PHP 5.3.