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Status update for phpMyFAQ 2.6.4 / 2.7.0-alpha

The last couple of days I fixed some minor bugs in the 2.6 and 2.7 code base. I have to work a lot during my daily work and so the development of phpMyFAQ 2.7 slowed down. Today I added the experimental support for Microsofts SQL Server Driver for PHP which will reduce some problems with the old PHP MS SQL Server driver. We’ll release this new driver support with phpMyFAQ 2.6.4 the next days.

Back from holidays…

After 4 great weeks I returned last friday from my Australia trip. I already fixed some issues reported the last weeks and I thought about the next 2.7 release. I think it won’t be released in summer as I planned because a lot of things are still not implemented and currently I do not have the time to work as much as I want to for phpMyFAQ. More news on the 2.7 release time the next weeks…

Thoughts about a new layout in phpMyFAQ 2.7

The last couple of months I thought about a new layout for phpMyFAQ. After Anatoliy’s work on the user-specific templates I decided to re-work the whole design of phpMyFAQ. We will re-work the whole layout, the XHTML and the CSS so that easier and more flexible layouts are possible. We will use a CSS framework for that, too. Together with the final release of phpMyFAQ 2.7 we will also provide more designs for 2.0 and 2.5/2.6 based layouts.

Status update for phpMyFAQ 2.5.7 / 2.6.1 / 2.7.0-alpha

This week was very good. We released phpMyFAQ 2.6 and got a lot of feedback after more than 1,000 downloads within the first 36 hours. Due to the big amount of feedback we also received a number of bugreports. We already fixed a lot of them, so expect a 2.6.1 the next two weeks. We also try to release a 2.5.7 maintainance release for phpMyFAQ 2.5 installations. phpMyFAQ 2.7 is under heavy development and currently very unstable because the changed already the complete category code base.

Status update for phpMyFAQ 2.5.6 / 2.6.0-RC

We’re in the final stage of fixing the last bugs we found during testing the beta version of phpMyFAQ 2.6. As the current state is already quite stable the next version will be already our release candidate. If everything works well the final release can be out around christmas. Beside stabilizing the 2.6 version we’re still supporting the 2.5 branch some time. We also have some plans for 2.7. :-)